Summary of Guidelines for Opening up America Again

Today, official guidelines from the White House Coronavirus Task Force were issued to states for reopening America. I’ve summarized the contents of the document below:

It’s a 3 phase approach. States can move to the next phase if all 3 of the following criteria are met:

  • A downward trajectory of influenza-like and COVID-like cases reported within a 14-day period
  • A downward trajectory of documented cases or positive tests as a percent of the total tests within a 14-day period
  • Hospitals must treat all patients without crisis care and robust testing program must be in place for at-risk healthcare workers, including emerging antibody testing

The parts specifically pertaining to event pros:

  • Phase 1 – Avoid SOCIALIZING in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing (e.g., receptions, trade shows)
  • Phase 2 – Social settings of more than 50 people, where appropriate distancing may not be practical, should be avoided unless precautionary measures are observed.
  • Phase 3 – LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under limited physical distancing protocols.

You can read the official document from the White House Coronavirus Task Force here:

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